High Performance Motor Development for demanding applications

APM 120R Electric Vehicle Traction Motor

Equipmake has worked in collaboration with AIM Japan on the development of a world class leading motor for electric vehicle traction applications.  The APM 120R is an interior permanent magnet motor, utilising Samarium Cobalt magnets. It achieves the high power density through a combination of direct oil cooling of the stator, and forced rotor cooling.

The motor has a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. The achievement of this speed with this design of motor is the result of a novel rotor construction, which has been patented by AIM. The motor has the option of an integral epicyclic gearbox, enabling straightforward installation in a vehicle application.

Equipmake has developed an inverter matched to the motor for optimum performance.

The power density of the APM120R is class leading.

Motor Mass14 Kg
Reduction Gearbox Mass5.5 Kg
Inverter Mass 5 Kg
Motor and Gearbox Diameter170mm
Motor and Gearbox Length200 mm
Maximum Power125kW
Continuous Power75kW
Maximum Speed (motor)12,000 rpm
Maximum Torque (motor)130Nm
Gear Ratio6:1
Maximum Torque (driveshaft)780Nm
Coolant Temperature60 Deg C (direct stator oil cooling)
DC Bus Voltage750 V

Epicyclic Gearbox resized

Integrated Epicyclic Gearbox

Motor with integrated CV Joint resized

Motor with Integrated CV Joint

Motor with integrated inverter resized

Motor with Integrated Inverter

Motor Specification Comparison

   APM 120R  Yasa 400  EVO 130 AF
 Motor Mass  14 kg  24 kg  30.5 kg
 Peak Power  130 kW  165 kW  140 kW
 Cont Power  80 kW  85 kW  64 kW
 Power Density (pk)  9.2 kW/kg  6.8 kW/kg  4.6kW/kg
 Power Density (cont)  5.7 kW/kg  3.54 kW/kg  2 kW/kg