High Performance Motor Development for demanding applications120 kW Motor

Prototype Motor Design and Development

Equipmake has a fully instrumented motor test dynamometer facility. The facility has the capability to test motors up to 200kW, with voltages between 200V – 800V DC. The same facility has a bespoke rig built to test a 120,000 rpm 17kW MGU. 
Equipmake has in house design and analysis tools to enable the development of new motor designs in the shortest possible timeframe. The analysis will include mechanical finite element stress analysis, magnetic finite element analysis, CFD thermal analysis, and drive cycle thermal analysis. The analysis tools used have been validated over a number of motor design projects.

Equipmakes has designed and developed motors for a range of applications including a 120kW, 12,000 rpm high performance electric vehicle traction motors, a 120,000 rpm 17kW generator for a gas turbine electric vehicle range extender, high speed blower motors for industrial fans, and a high speed motor for a commercial vehicle compressor.

The design process will normally involve Equipmake undertaking a feasibility study based on the customers requirements to size the motor. The initial feasibility study will include an initial mechanical stress, thermal, and electrical performance prediction.

Following this the detailed design can be undertaken. This will involve an iterative process optimising the design taking into account the various cooling , mechanical, and electromagnetic requirements.

Equipmake has the facilities to prototype the motor and perform validation testing including characterising the motor performance and validating the motor against the original performance prediction.

Equipmake has an extensive motor supply chain network, and can assist its customers in costing and setting up for production, or alternatively, we have the capability in house for low volume production.

Flux Thermal Analysis resized

Mechanical FE Stress analysis of high speed rotor

Mechanical FE Stress analysis of high speed rotor resized

Magnetic FE analysis of rotor & Stator

Thermal analysis using MotorCad resized

Thermal analysis using MotorCad

CFD & Flux 2D Thermal Analysis

CFD & Flux 2D Thermal Analysis